Thursday, 25th November 2021 – Molesey’s Enclosure Story: Looking for lost fields – 8.00pm

There is a charge of £1 for members and £3 for non-members which can be paid by cash or card.

St Lawrence Junior School Church Road East Molesey

This year is the two hundredth anniversary of the enclosure of Molesey’s open fields. It is hard to exaggerate the significance of this event. The manorial system of farming in existence for over 700 years was swept away. A major part of the Society’s research effort this year has been to piece together the story of the enclosure. Who was involved? What were their motives? Who were the winners and losers? How did it change Molesey and what traces of its legacy can we find in the landscape today?

The program for 2022 is still be finalised so dates are still subject to change!

Thursday, 13th January 2022 (To be confirmed) – Coffee morning at the British Legion – A Social event and we will be introducing our research project for the year – Tagg’s Island – so start looking out for your items of memorabilia.

Wednesday, 26th January 2022 – This will be the date of our next AGM. Norma Millard will also be giving a talk about Molesey Residents and the World War memorials. Details to follow soon.

Thursday, 24th February 2022 (To be confirmed) – Strawberry Hill – the postponed talk by Keith Hathaway.

Friday, 25th March and Saturday, 16th March 2022 – An exhibition at Refresh, Walton Road. Celebrating 15 years since the start of the Society

Thursday, 10th May 2022 – Clore Centre meeting – details to be confirmed.

June 2022 – (To be confirmed)

July 2022 – Summer Stroll – (To be confirmed)

September 2022 – (To be confirmed)

October 2022 – Coffee Morning on the 1921 Census – open for all to take part

Wednesday, 23rd November and Thursday, 24th November – Findings of our research on Tagg’s Island (Full details to be confirmed)

January 2023 – AGM