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East and West Molesey lie south of the River Thames close to Hampton Court Palace in North East Surrey (see map). The Mole and Ember rivers flow through Molesey before joining the Thames. All three rivers have played an important part in shaping the area’s rich history.

The main aim of the Society is to awaken and foster an interest in the history of Molesey. We hold a wide variety of talks at venues around Molesey, including Hampton Court Palace.

We conduct our own research and try to hold at least one meeting a year based on work carried out by members.  In 2019, we researched the flood alleviation scheme after the Great Flood of 1968. During 2020, all of our meetings were suspended although, we did hold some ‘Zoom’ presentations, details of which can be found under ‘Past Events’.

A regular newsletter keeps our members informed of all our forthcoming events as well as giving other interesting information about our local history.

We would be delighted to hear from anyone with an interest in the history of Molesey. You can get in touch by clicking contact us.

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LATEST NEWS and information

Details of proposed meeting for the rest of this year are detailed on the Events Page –

Our next meeting is on –

Thursday, 25th November 2021 – Molesey’s Enclosure Story: Looking for lost fields – 8.00pm

St Lawrence Junior School Church Road East Molesey

There is a charge of £1 for members and £3 for non-members which can be paid by cash or card.

This year is the two hundredth anniversary of the enclosure of Molesey’s open fields.

The manorial system of farming in existence for over 700 years was swept away.

The Society’s major research effort this year was to piece together the story of the enclosure.

Who was involved? What were their motives? Who were the winners and losers?

How did it change Molesey and what traces of its legacy can we find in the landscape today?

We are aware that since Covid, many people have moved to the cashless society. If you wish to make a card payment then we shall be able to handle this type of transaction on the door.

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Please email us at: website@moleseyhistorysociety.org  and we will respond as soon as possible, should there be any comments that you wish to make.