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  1. Hi
    I was wondering if anybody knew if 62 Summer Road East Molesey was anything apart from a private residence at any time, as my great great grandfather, David Barsby, was living there for a short time and at the time of his death in 1932.
    Sharon Polwart

    1. Although this house is different from the others on this side of the road, being detached, as opposed to semi, I have never known it other than a domestic house.
      Part of number 69 across the road was an Off-Licence/ General store when I was a kid.
      We will seek comment from a member we know possibly lived in the road around this time to double check and post if there is more info.

      1. Thanks for your reply. I have just discovered that David Barsby was staying with his grandson at number 62 Summer Road, so it must have been just a private house.
        Thanks for your interest.

  2. Hi,
    my family and I have lived in 30 Hurst Road for nearly 20 years. I understand that our current property was build in 1948 after the previous properties at 30 and 28 Hurst Road were damaged by a bomb in WWII.

    I was wondering if there was any information about the bombing incident or if there were any photographs of the previous properties before the incident and of the damaged caused?

    Thank you,

    1. Hi Des
      Thank you for your question .
      It has been past to me to answer.
      In the early hours of the 8th of August 1944 a Doodlebug (V1 flying bomb) landed without warning in the back garden of 54 Pemberton Rd . Demolishing houses in Pemberton and damaging many others .
      Many local people including ARP Wardens, Police, firemen and some USA army personnel who were stationed in Bushy Park came to help.
      Three people lost their lives. One was my Grandmother Dorothy Clark, and her neighbour Dorothy Pratt and her friend Doris Baldwin .

      This is my fathers account of that morning

      After over 8 hours of being buried in the remains of the house both my father and grandfather were pulled out alive with cuts and bruises and loss of hearing.
      My Grandmother suffered a broken neck.
      Mrs Pratt and her friend Mrs Baldwin were in the Anderson shelter and took the direct hit of the bomb.
      My father Norman was only wearing pyjamas just ran away from the site and kept on running. After an hour or so he was taken to Molesey Hospital .
      He was discharged and told to go home but he did not have a home to go too .
      Unfortunately they lost everything so we don’t have any photos of the houses before ..
      Hope this is the answer is of use
      Norma Millard .

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